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General Spanish

This type of online Spanish courses are designed for you to develop all the skills necessary to become fluent in Spanish. You will work on aspects such as writing and listening skills, reading comprehension, conversation skills, practical Spanish grammar.
The content of these courses is clearly structured around the guidelines given by the Instituto Cervantes and the CEFR, from level A1 to level C2 - from absolute beginner to the most advanced level.

  • Ideal to work on every skill of the Spanish language.
  • All levels available, from absolute beginner to proficiency.
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Conversation lessons

These lessons are focused specifically on conversation. Practice your oral skills and increase your fluency, both in oral expression and oral interaction.
You will get feedback in order to improve your pronunciation and the way you express yourself. If you like, you can choose the subjects and type of interactions that you want to practice in your conversation class.

  • Ideal to improve fluency and pronunciation.
  • All levels available.
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Business & professional Spanish

If you want to promote yourself professionally, to increase your customers, or to stand out when applying for a job, to take Spanish classes online can be a great way to do so.
We can also customized your lessons to another specific context, such as Spanish for travelers, Spanish for religions, or any other interest you may have.

  • Ideal for people who need to use Spanish in a professional context.
  • From of A2 level (pre-intermediate) to C2 (proficient).
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Preparation for DELE & SIELE exams

This course will prepare you to be successful at the DELE and SIELE exams.
Get your Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE), awarded by the Instituto Cervantes. You will work on test models and reinforce each of the contents and parts of the exam.

  • Ideal if you want to be successful at either DELE or SIELE exams.
  • All levels available
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Fully customized courses

If you have very specific goals just let us know. All our lessons are fully customized to your needs, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what you want to work during your private lessons.

  • Personalized lessons to suit your goals and needs
  • All levels available
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