What types of courses can be found in ELINQUA?
In ELINQUA you will find different types of online Spanish courses: GENERAL SPANISH LESSONS; SPANISH FOR SPECIFIC PURPOSES (business, tourism, job interviews, religion, travelling…); DELE PREPARATION COURSES; CONVERSATIONAL LESSONS; SPANISH & LATIN AMERICAN CULTURE and FULLY CUSTOMIZED LESSONS (customize your lessons to your exact needs ). All our courses are one-on-one and via Skype. You can buy your lessons individually or in packages of 5, 10 or 15 lessons. The price and registration process is the same for all the different type of courses. We also offer private and semi-private (up to 4 people) Skype Spanish lessons for companies. If you are interested in quality Spanish lessons for your company, you can contact us at
These courses consist of one-on-one Skype Spanish lessons, and are offered for all levels (from absolute beginner to advanced…). The content of these online Spanish courses has been developed according to the Instituto Cervantes’ official syllabus. These lessons will be adjusted to the student’s pace and needs, having the Instituto Cervantes syllabus as their framework of reference.
What are DELE Preparation Courses?
Our DELE Preparation Courses are specially designed to help you pass these Intituto Cervante's official exams. They consist of private Skype Spanish lessons where you will work on every part of the exam with a qualified native Spanish teacher. We offer courses for all the existing official DELE levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2.
How can I sign up with ELINQUA?
To sign up for our online Spanish courses couldn't be easier! Just follow the following steps: 1 – Go to "Buy Spanish Lessons" at the top navigation menu or using the url 2 – Buy the package of your choice in a secure and comfortable way with PayPal or credit card. 3 – Fill in a short registration form, and as soons as you receive the confirmation email you're ready to start your Skype Spanish lessons with us!
Can I try your Skype Spanish lessons before signing up?
If you want to try our online Spanish courses and see how Elinqua works, you can request a free 30-minute-trial class/consultation. Fill one of our free trial class forms on the homepage and our course coordinator will get in touch with you to set up the time and date that best suits you.
Are there any technical requirements needed to have Skype Spanish lessons with ELINQUA?
In order to enjoy our online Spanish courses you just need to be able to make a videocall on Skype, for what you will need:

  • a broadband internet connection
  • a headset, microphone and webcam
  • the Skype application on the device of your choice
You can check specific requirements here: Skype requirements
How do ELINQUA's online Spanish courses work?
An online lesson is pretty much like a regular lesson, with the advantage that you will save time and, even better, you will take advantage of all the resources available on the Internet. Taking one-on-one videocalling lessons with qualified native Spanish teachers is a very efficient way to learn Spanish. To enjoy our Skype Spanish lessons you just need to:

  1. Have all your materials ready before your class. Your teacher will email them to you before every lesson.
  2. Get your headset ready and login to your Skype account.
  3. Wait for your teacher to call you at the set time for your class. He/she will give you all the necessary indications for a fluent class. Pay attention to the Skype chat box during the class. Your teacher will use it to explain some of the contents and to help you with any doubts and spelling.
  4. After your class you will receive a summary of the most important things you learnt in class, along with some explanations and exercises.
For further information, take a look at the explanation video on the ABOUT page
How should I prepare myself just before my Skype Spanish lessons begin?
In order to make the most of your online Spanish courses, we recommend that you use a set of headphones. Also, make sure your Internet connection is strong enough to learn Spanish online. Then, all you need is to login into your Skype account to start your Skype Spanish lessons. Make sure that there is no noise or distractions during your class. We also recommend that you keep your Skype account updated. It is also advisable, if possible, to use an Ethernet connection rather than a WiFi connection, to guarantee a perfect speed and sound quality.
What happens in case of technical problems during the class?
Using SKYPE guarantees a smooth and effective class that most of the times are completely successful. Also, you will also find here some instructions that will help you make a better use of your class via Skype. If at any time happens to be some problem but it does not last for more than 5 minutes, this time will be made up at the end of class with no extra charges. However, in the event that there are serious technical problems during your class, you will get the chance to recuperate your entire class at any other time, with no additional cost. You only have to let us know what the problems were and when you would like to reschedule your class. These problems include both technical problems (connection speed, faulty computer equipment) and Skype technical problems (login problems, sound and speed problems). Once you have rescheduled you have two weeks to take your class. For further information, check out our Terms and Conditions, available on this website
What is ELINQUA's cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel a lesson, please send us an email to with a minimum of 24-hour notice prior to your class.
Classes that are cancelled with less than 24-hour notice shall be charged for and therefore you will not be refunded.
What happens if I purchased a package of Skype Spanish lessons and I cannot continue taking my lessons?
According to our purchasing policy, if for any reason you decide to terminate your lessons at ELINQUA before your package is finished, you have to email at least 48 hours prior to your next class. Only then will 80% of the amount paid be refunded.
Are the materials for my Skype Spanish lessons included in the price?
The materials for our online Spanish courses are included in the price of the packages of lessons. These materials are customized for every student by his/her teacher. In the unlikely event that the student need to use an extra textbook (for instance, specific Business Spanish courses), he or she will be told so before getting their course. Should ELINQUA decide that it is needed, it will provide the Student with the same. The student must then refund ELINQUA the full price (including shipping cost if necessary).
What is the CEFR?
The CEFR (or Common European Framework of Reference for the teaching and learning of languages) is an international guideline used to measure achievements of learners of foreign languages in any language of the world. Since 1991 it has been used as a system to measure management of languages as different skills and according to a number of criteria (grammar, phonetics, etc.). Our online Spanish courses have been developed in accordance with the guidelines established by the Instituto Cervantes for each level of the CEFR (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). That is, the objectives, content and learning skills of each stage are based on the standards set by this framework. These levels are also used to set the contents of the DELE tests at different levels.
What is the Instituto Cervantes?
Instituto Cervantes is an official institution created in Spain in 1991. Its function is to promote the Spanish language and culture internationally. Throughout these years it has achieved great recognition worldwide, being the best known and respected institution in teaching Spanish as a foreign language
What does “DELE” mean?
The initials DELE refer to Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera, which means Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language. This diploma proves the management of the Spanish language at different levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2. It is issued by the Instituto Cervantes, the most important institution recognized worldwide in the promotion of the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. The DELE is an official diploma, recognized worldwide and life-time validity. DELE exams are held three times a year in more than 100 different countries (usually in November, May and August). For more information, please go to the website of the Instituto Cervantes.
I can't find what I am looking for...
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