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May 20, 2014
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June 16, 2014

Our lives, whether we like it or not, tend to be rather predictable. Humans are also animals of habits, and that is why we need to talk often about daily routines. In this post we will learn to talk about daily routines in Spanish.

So maybe you will need to talk about what you do every day in Spanish, as you would do in your own language. Take a look at the following flashcards and take some time to learn the new vocabulary. You can also download the cards and print them out by clicking here.

If you have trouble remembering some of these new words, try this flashcards exercise as well. It will definitely help you out!

To finish, check out this online memory game that will help you fix all this new vocabulary of daily routines in Spanish. Try to find all the matches (the picture and its name):

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