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5 good reasons to choose Elinqua

The best professionals for the best learning experience
There are so many ways to learn Spanish online these days, even for free. But if you are really serious about becoming fluent in Spanish, you should rely on the best. We are aware that a great class starts with a great teacher, so we carefully select our team. All our teachers are University qualified native speakers with specific certification to teach Spanish as a foreign language. All of them have a vast experience teaching online Spanish courses and in-person classes.
High quality online Spanish courses, you don’t deserve less than that.
We have students from many countries and backgrounds, and most of them agree in one thing: it is hard to find quality online Spanish courses. That's why they are so happy to have found us. We are committed to offer you a quality learning experience. If you are looking for well-structured Skype Spanish lessons, you have come to the right place! All our online Spanish courses follow the guidelines of Instituto Cervantes and CEFR.
Skype Spanish lessons: comfort, effectiveness and flexibility
Technology has made possible for you to have online Spanish courses from the comfort of your home or office. We use Skype video calls, online whiteboards and materials adapted to online teaching. This way you can learn Spanish online with the best native Spanish teachers wherever you are. Combining technology, passion and experience, becoming fluent in Spanish gets simpler than it may seem.
If we have the best Spanish teachers, shouldn’t we have the best customer service?
We love teaching Spanish, and a great customer service is part of the learning experience. Our team is here to help you with any questions or suggestions you may have. We are committed to reply in less than 12 hours.
Sometimes a good course is not enough…
Sometimes offering quality online Spanish courses in not enough, that's why we offer you something even better. A course fully customized to your needs. A class where you can decide exactly what to learn. Just let your teacher know what your goals and interests are, and he or she will prepare your Skype Spanish lessons according to your requirements.
  • When my company told me I was going to be transferred to Granada I was very afraid about my language skills. After 5 months of intensive lessons at Elinqua, I was fluent enough to use Spanish in my office as well as for everyday situations. By the way, I’m loving Granada!
    Johhan Kurtz
  • Thanks to ELINQUA I just passed my DELE certification at level C2.  ELINQUA teachers were my best coaches, they custom designed a flexible program to fit my needs. I’m sure they can help whether you are beginner or advanced.
    James Musselman
  • I’m always too busy to go to a language school and I find it very convenient to be able to connect from work anytime. I need to learn Spanish so learning online is a great option for me.
     Edson Falcão
  • In my city it is very difficult to find advanced Spanish lessons. That’s why I was so excited to find out about ELINQUA. I’m able to learn Spanish with native, high-quality teachers, without leaving the comfort of my home.
    Vanessa Ceran
  • When I retired I wanted to fulfill my dream of learning Spanish but I wasn’t very confident about my skills. I’ve been studying at Elinqua for over a year now and I’ve improved so much. Teachers are very friendly and patient, and they get you talking in Spanish since day one, even if you’re a total beginner like I was.

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A single class, ideal to focus on a specific topic or aspect of the Spanish language. Best value for money in the quality market.

  • 60 minute private lessons
  • Fully customized to your needs

5 Lessons


Need to improve your Spanish in a short period of time? An exam, a trip, a job interview...Whatever the need, we'll help you.

  • Package valid for 2 months

15 Lessons


Our BEST VALUE package. Ideal for an in-depth Spanish learning experience, and to help you achieve your long-term goals.

  • Package valid for 4 months

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