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Slide Spanish & English
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  • Johhan Kurtz
    When my company told me I was going to be transferred to Granada I was very afraid about my language skills. After 5 months of intensive lessons at Elinqua, I was fluent enough to use Spanish in my office as well as for everyday situations. By the way, I’m loving Granada!
    Johhan Kurtz
  • James Musselman
    Thanks to ELINQUA I just passed my DELE certification at level C2.  ELINQUA teachers were my best coaches, they custom designed a flexible program to fit my needs. I’m sure they can help whether you are beginner or advanced.
    James Musselman
  •  Edson Falcão
    I’m always too busy to go to a language school and I find it very convenient to be able to connect from work anytime. I need to learn Spanish so learning online is a great option for me.
     Edson Falcão
  • Vanessa Ceran
    In my city it is very difficult to find advanced Spanish lessons. That’s why I was so excited to find out about ELINQUA. I’m able to learn Spanish with native, high-quality teachers, without leaving the comfort of my home.
    Vanessa Ceran
  • Martha Cook
    When I retired I wanted to fulfill my dream of learning Spanish but I wasn’t very confident about my skills. I’ve been studying at Elinqua for over a year now and I’ve improved so much. Teachers are very friendly and patient, and they get you talking in Spanish since day one, even if you’re a total beginner like I was.

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