Are you interested in learning Spanish from the comfort of your own home? Keen to work with a company that will let you work at your own pace? Then take a look at ELINQUA. ELINQUA make the most of the new technologies we rely on so much today, allowing you to engage in lessons via Skype. All you need is an internet connection. All tutors are native Spanish speakers and with so many courses on offer, you shouldn’t struggle to find something that suits you and your level of ability. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve had classes before or are embarking on lessons for the first time, ELINQUA are here for you.

Become Fluent in Spanish

You can contact the team at any point if you have any special questions. The tutors won’t pressurise you and have been chosen for their ability to make students feel completely relaxed. Trial classes are available if you need an insight into how things work before you sign up. You’ll also find a series of valuable resources at the website and you will receive a certificate if you pass the test. Head to the home page to find out more.