I like it too in Spanish
April 23, 2014
Spanish vocabulary about family
May 5, 2014

Here’s a famous quote from Don Quijote: “Yo sé quién soy”. I know who I am. So there are two different verbs to express to be in Spanish – ser and estar. To begin with, let’s focus on the verb SER, which is more commonly used. Here’s the form of the verb SER  in present tense, which is highly irregular: Now, how can we use this verb? By now, we just need to keep a few things in mind. We use SER when we want to:

  • Identify. Ej.: este es mi hermano.
  • Describe people or objects. This  can be a description of physicall appearance or a description or your personality as well. Ej: Lewis es una persona muy tímida.
  • Talk about nacionality, religion, professions…. This is a way of describing too. Ej.: Yo soy informático.

We also use SER when talking about time (for example, when we ask what time it is), situating events and some others…But careful! Do not use verb ESTAR here. Now, why don’t you try to complete this exercise using verb SER? It’s very easy! You’ll get the answers automatically at the end of the activity.  Now you know the verbs for To be in Spanish – ser and estar. The differences between SER and ESTAR are highly difficult, but no problem: you will find a full explanation cooming soon on our blog. And, if you enjoyed this exercise, don’t forget you can find many other posts with free Spanish exercises, online activities and downloadable PDF. Click here to try one of our trial classes to know more about it and learn all about our online Spanish lessons.