December 3, 2014
Spanish on the phone
December 17, 2014

If you enjoyed the last post about how to say no, in Spanish, you will probably like this infographic, we you will get know more about the different ways Spaniards use to deny.

Take a look at this infographic or download the PDFhere.   


So there are a few denying expressions that can be used in different context, but mostly in non formal situations.  You will get an example of every expression by taking a look at the image. Basically we have at least, six expressions to say no in Spanish.:

  • No. Just a simple, standard, plain no, that you can use no matter the context.
  • Para nada.An insistent no, but rather polite.
  • ¡Ni hablar! The parents’ and teachers’ favorite. A no that has to be used just in case of strong authority, and normally when replying to a question (for example, to a permission request).
  • ¡Qué dices! A denying expression that’s friendly, but just among friends, since it is extremely straightforward.
  • ¡No, hombre! An almost blunt denying expressing. Careful with it!
  • ¡Qué va! A rather colloquial, informal thing to say, but very friendly and kind!

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