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July 23, 2014
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July 28, 2014

One of the first things we learn when we start studying a new language is how to name the different colors. It is something that we will later use when describing things in our daily life. So, let’s keep on and learn all the colors in Spanish!

First of all, we suggest you download our blank PDF here. Without looking up the words, try to fill in the blanks with the namesof the different colors in Spanish. You can do it directly on the PDF. Click on “save” to save up your answers.

colors in spanish - with answers

Now, take a look at the answers here below, or download the colors in Spanish PDF, that you may also use to revise or get acquainted with this new Spanish vocabulary

So now that you master all the colors in Spanish, we propose you a little pastime. You are going to read a very precise description of a flag (bandera). If you know which country it refers to, go ahead and send us an email with your answer to Here’s the hint:

“Esta bandera se parece a la bandera de Gran Bretaña, pero sus colores no son rojo, azul y blanco, sino rojo, verde y blanco. Si quieres otra pista, es la bandera de una región que está en algún lugar de Europa”. (This flag is similar to the British flag. Its colors are not red, blue and white though, but red, green and white. If you want another hint, it is the flag of a region somewhere in Europe”).

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