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October 15, 2014
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November 19, 2014

Everyone has different skills, and, even though we can be better in maths than in English or the other way around, we all are good, or great, at something! So how can you say “I’m good at something” in Spanish? Of course, you can say “soy bueno en” or “soy buena en”, but these are not common expressions that Spanish people would use. Take a look at these colloquial Spanish expressions, which you will hear, for sure, if you ever travel to Spain

How to Say ” I’m good at something ” in Spanish

In Spanish we use the verb dar to say either that we are good or bad at something, or at doing something. But be careful! This expression has a particular structure, very much like the verb gustar (to like). This means that the subject goes at the end of the sentence and it has to be linked to the verb and the pronoun (me, te, le…) need to change, depending on the person (if it’s me, you, he or she…). . Also, we need to add an adverb, to say how good (or bad) we are at something: bien, mal, muy bien, fatal, genial… Take a look at this table. You will get a better idea of it.

         (A mí) se me da bien el tenis*                                    (A mí) se me dan bien los idiomas

         (A ti) se te da bien el tenis                                           (A ti) se te dan bien los idiomas

         (A ella) se le da bien el tenis                                       (A ella) se le dan bien los idiomas

         (A nosotros) se nos da bien el tenis                        (A nosotros) se nos dan bien los idiomas

         (A vosotros) se os da bien el tenis                           (A vosotros) se os dan bien los idiomas

         (A ellos) se les da bien el tenis                                   (A ellos) se les dan bien los idiomas


 And, to ask for somebody’s habilities, we use the same expression. Take a look at this:

 ¿(A ti) se te da bien el dibujo ? ¿(A vosotros) se os da bien bailar ?

¿Qué tal se te da jugar al pingpong ? ¿Qué tal se les dan las matemáticas ?

So, now that you know how to say ” I’m good at something “, you are ready to answer the following question: How good are you at Spanish? If you like, you can send us a short text in Spanish at marianogueira@elinqua.com. Tell us about your experience learning the language: which things you are better at and what are the things you struggle with the most. Don’ t forget to check out our previous post on verb costar, that we use to talk about money and difficulty, and that you will find useful for sure.

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*Se me da bien el tenis o se me da bien JUGAR AL TENIS.

photo credit: rickydiver78 via photopin cc