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October 1, 2014
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October 15, 2014

¿Demasiado pequeña o demasiada pequeña? If you have ever wondered how to use demasiado properly in Spanish, here’s a good explanation that will help you clear yourself up a little.

To begin with, we use demasiado (and all its variations, demasiada, demasiados, demasiadas) to express that we’ve gone beyond a limit. In other words, demasiado means more than a lot, or more than what is reasonable. Its translation into English would be too much or too many…. But what’s the difference?
We use demasiado / demasiada / demasiados / demasiadas in a different way, depending on its use on the sentence. Take a look at this table, or download our PDF- Demasiado.

How to use Demasiado: too much/too many in Spanish

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