You may have done lots of job interviews in your life, but… Have you ever had a job interview in Spanish? Are you familiar with the different types of questions you may be asked? Check out this infographic with some of the most common job interview questions in Spanish and don’t miss out on your next job opportunity!

6 common job interview questions in Spanish

Commonly asked questions in job interviews_Online Spanish lessons

Remember that depending on the type of job you are applying for, you may have to use the “usted” form. Also, depending on the country you are working at, you may have to consider some social and cultural aspects to do your best at your job interview. Try to be formal but kind during the interview, and don’t forget to be coherent with your curriculum. Good luck!

Anyhow, this may be an interesting article for those students who want to focus on Professional Spanish and Business Spanish. If you feel that you need extra help preparing the answers to theses job interview questions in Spanish, you can always book some Skype Spanish lessons with one of our native Spanish teachers. Request a free trial class now and see if they work for you!