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March 3, 2014
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March 10, 2014

Tomorrow, March 8, is International Women’s Day. There are many ways to celebrate this day, and we believe that one of the best ways is by practicing Spanish. That’s why we prepared this post: 3 ways to practice Spanish during International Women’s Day

1. The first option is a film about the life of Concepción Arenal. Concepción was the first woman that attended the universityin Spain. In order to do so she had to pretend she was a man, since university education was banned to women. She was also the founder of the Feminist Movement in Spain, as well as an influential writer and lawyer.

Here you can find information about the movie “Concepción Arenal, La visitadora de cárceles”, as well as a link to watch it live from anywhere in the world through the website of RTVE. The film will air tomorrow at 10pm Spanish time (GMT +1). Also, if you can’t follow it live tomorrow, you can watch it any other day in this link.

You can also see the trailer here…and to tell you the truth; it looks like it’s going be a great movie!

2. The second option is for those who prefer to watch something shorter or a more current issue. It is a short film entitled “It girl”. Spanish director Oriel Puig talks about the lives of popular bloggers:  girls who have turned their exposure on social networks into their way to make a living. “It girl” is a fresh and contemporary short, ideal for practicing your Spanish listening skills.

[youtube_video clip_id=”s0NB8N5FNm8″ hd=”true” width=560 height=315]

3. The last of our suggestions will help you practice your reading comprehension in Spanish, while digging into the situation of women in Hispanic countries and worldwide.

In this link you will find many interesting news and articles, gathered in the Spanish newspaper El País, as their tribute to International Women’s Day. Among many other resources, you will find a report on the new generation of Chinese women; an article about the first fashion school in Ethiopia; or an artwork collection of Feminist  banners.

Have you picked one of the 3 ways to practice Spanish during International Women’s Day ? Whatever the option you choose, we hope you enjoy this day!

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